Much weaker data than reality

Hello, it’s strange when I go to see my data on Effect House the number of views and videos is much smaller than that on Tik Tok. For example one of my filter has 300k of videos alone, but on Effect Hoouse it is written that for this filter there are only 50k of videos. And yet there are 300k of videos for a long time… Same for the views of all my filters. So the general data is much lower than the reality…


It’s a common problem, I tried to find explanations via forum posts, but I never got detailed answers. At the moment I have about 300K fewer posts than those marked on tiktok.


it’s really annoying, so we can’t be remunerated…

if you ever have a solution can you get back to me?

we normal users can not interact with the analysis panel of Effect House, unfortunately we can not do anything. For some time the moderators of effect house seem to have disappeared, they no longer interact, they are certainly engaged in other works.

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it’s rather disappointing