Live Demo Sessions + Office Hours

Hey all,

It’s been so exciting to see what you’ve made in the first few days of the beta.

As promised, this week we will be holding live demo sessions + office hours hosted by our engineers Rustin, Du and Frank.

We’ll kick off with a 10 minute live demo and then we will stay on the call to answer any questions and help with your projects.

The demo and content for the calls will be identical, so please attend the time that works best for you.

Time 1: Thursday Feb 8th @ 10AM PT | 6PM GMT

Time 2: Thursday Feb 8th @ 5PM PT | Friday Feb 9th @ 10AM Tokyo

See you there!


Here is a recording of today’s first Office Hours for anyone who wasn’t able to make it.

Password: aA28k#Zx

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Hi Mingus, I’m getting a “You cannot view this recording. no permission” message when I click through to zoom.

@Julian_Vizard Is it asking you for a password? If so, the password is: aA28k#Zx

It takes me to the zoom sign in page. When I sign in it then shows the “you cannot view message”.

I am having the same issue - You cannot view this recording.

No permission.

I am having the same issue with no permission :frowning:

@Julian_Vizard @Chantelle_Parker @natali.zmi Sorry about that! We’ve uploaded it to Youtube:


Hey all, we’ve just announced this week’s live demo and office hours.

More info:


Additional simple projects created during Office Hours
EH Fireworks Random Particle (351.6 KB)
Cat Smoke (428.5 KB) (218.2 KB)


@GamePlus40 Here are some of the projects we went over in the office hour yesterday.

Thanks for bringing so many great questions!


Thank you! Just saw your message as I didn’t get notification. Thanks for the project files too. I am downloading them all!

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