Audio-Reactive VFX Demo + Office Hours this Thursday 2/15

Thanks for being a part of the Visual Effects Editor beta.

For this week’s live demo, we’ll be showing how to create an effect with VFX particles that react to audio.


Afterwards, our engineers will stick around to help with your projects and answer any questions about Visual Effects Editor.

We hope to see you at one of the two live demo sessions:

Thursday Feb 15th @ 10AM PT / 5PM GMT

Thursday Feb 15th @ 5PM PT / Feb 16th @ 10AM Tokyo


Here is the project file for today’s demo:

Floral Bloom Demo (3.6 MB)


Thank you for the live demo.
When I try to open this project file, it says “Update is required” and when I press update, it says “This version is the latest”. What should I do?

Are you using the updated builds shared here?

Thank you very much.
I was able to open the project.

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You can find a recording of yesterday’s incredible demo here!