How to add a filter and audio based on Texture Sequence Result

Hi there!
I have set up a texture sequence based on a 2D randomizer. I want a certain filter to activate based on the result of the randomizer. Since I imported it as a texture sequence, I can’t set the individual filters based on the random result. I also want to add a different audio to play depending on the result.

Hi, you can do that using these nodes:
•Animated texture info
•Equal/Less or Equal/Greater or Equal
•Animated Texture Player

You need to link the value of every result of your randomizer (The animated texture info node) with the if node and the math nodes, and creating the actions if the condition it’s true or false, it’s a kind complicated in the beginning, but when you learn how to do it, it’s easier

This SS can help you in the creation of your filter, good luck!

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