How to create randomize text on custom filter

Hi there! Does anyone know how to create randomize text which appears when the effect is open? I have 6 words that I’d like to pop up randomly once you make an act at the beginner of filter. Thanks in advance!

Hi @RL623! Are you using imported graphics with text on them or are you using the Text object?


Imported graphics with text!

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@RL623 You’ll want to randomize the image on Start. Try this and see if it works :pray:


Thanks Mingus! How do I get to ‘Start’? I imported my MP4 file to the dashboard which I’m able to preview so far.

Hi! We don’t support MP4 files at this moment. Do you mean that you’ve imported your six images as a texture sequence?

No, I imported an MP4 file of the custom filter I made, in which I want to add randomized text. If MP4 file isn’t supported, what do you recommend?

Sorry, I’m not quite understanding. You can either import PNGs or JPEG files. I thought you had six different image files.