Texture Sequence - Asset Limitation Workaround Question

Hi there,

I’m trying to create an image randomizer filter similar to that number challenge game where it randomly selects a number between 1 and 1000 and you have to try and sort them in order while limited to 20 spaces. However I want to do this with image assets for a separate topic. I have 1000 image assets but Effect House gives an error when I try and create a Texture Sequence that says it is limited to 200 assets. Is there any way around this? Or a workaround to achieve randomizing 1000 images on someone’s forehead using the Visual Scripting area or another method? I’m new to Effect House so figured I’d ask to see if anyone with more knowledge knows a way around this limitation!

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remember that by uploading 1000 images you may consume the maximum space of 5M allowed for each individual effect.