Get Texture From Sequence (Frame Rate Issue Resolution)

It seems that the recent tightening of restrictions when submitting effects is resulting in a lot of effects failing due to frame rate issues. My effects use a lot of texture sequences and I feel that this may be the issue.

One possible solution to this is something that was available in the early stages of Effect House (back in version 2) where you could use a texture sequence and then copy the chosen/selected texture from that sequence to an individual texture 2D. This was deprecated quite quickly, but I feel this was a really nice feature.

At the moment, the way this works is that if you want to copy a selected value from a texture sequence to another texture, you had to have an animated texture sequence. So if you have 10 textures on the screen that you want to randomly select from a sequence, you need to have 10 copied animated texture so you can use each one individually. Whereas in the early versions, you could just run your sequence, then for the selected texture just copy to your texture 2D and then run the sequence again. Currently if you do this, both will become the sequence that animated through the frames.