Effects Monetization Enhancement

I currently have an effect about to reach 80k videos. While it must seem good the monetization politics won’t reward that effect in any way. I already know that you get 700$ per every effect with 500k videos, and then 140$ per every other 100k videos until 90 days of the effect existence are reached.

A limited selection of effects made by creators reach that goal in 3 months, so I suggest making another reward system:

10k: 5$
50k: 50$
100k: 125$
250k: 300$
500k: 700$
1M: 2000$
Every million after that: 2500$

Those rewards escalate more and more, so it gives the creator a higher motivation to keep going and beat himself with better effects. I think some of the rewards are a bit high, but these quantities are, of course, changeable. This system generates ambition, self-esteem and a great sense of satisfaction when a milestone is reached.

I agree but with higher amount like 25$ for the 10k video made