Explore the Latest Updates to Effect Creator Rewards

Last year, we launched Effect Creator Rewards to celebrate our creator community and the outstanding effects they create for TikTok. Since then, creators from all over the world have been able to collect significant cash rewards for their trending effects. In fact, some creators have reached the maximum payouts of $14,000 per effect and $50,000 per month!

We’re now thrilled to announce exciting new updates to Effect Creator Rewards, enhancing opportunities for existing members and expanding the program to more creators!

More regions and rewards

We’re expanding Effect Creator Rewards to 33 more regions! Eligible creators in Turkey, Greece, Mexico, South Africa, and more can now join Effect Creator Rewards and start monetizing their effects. For the full list of regions, check out the Rewards page.

Lower eligibility requirements

Getting rewards is now easier than ever. Previously, creators needed an effect to have been used in 200,000 qualified videos for the effect to start collecting rewards. Now, each effect needs to be used in just 100,000 qualified videos to begin unlocking rewards.

Updated requirement for qualified effects

As the program continues to evolve, please note that only effects used in qualified public videos will be eligible to collect rewards. This change applies to all effects published after March 12, 2024 at 12:00 AM GMT. All effects published before this date will continue to follow the original payout structure and requirements.

To learn more and join Effect Creator Rewards, visit the Rewards page.