Add more eligible countries - Effect Creator Rewards

I am from Egypt, I hope to add Egypt and any country that has even one TikTok effect creator, Just as some new countries were recently added.

As an Italian I vote for Egypt, I have never understood why some countries have “priority” over others. No one should be forced to ask to be included, nations are all equal.


I am looking forward to Nepal’s eligibility on Effect Creator Rewards. As Creator, Entertainer could be from any country so I would suggest TikTok to give opportunity to all the TikTok lover (TikTok effect creator).


TikTok should make a great update for the effects house eligible, to create more

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TikTok should also make it easy for the Africans, also Nigeria, so can easily make an effect, to join the effects house

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i hope to add algeria and other countries on tiktok effect creator

By my own mind is not fair that some country are not able to explore that same and i hope they still work on Iceland and South Africa and more country because all the community shut have that same rights .

Hello TikTok Effect House Team. My country is Bangladesh. I want creator reward to be available in Bangladesh because there are a lot of users in Bangladesh. I can assure you that the value of effect house will be more than double if the reward option of Bangladesh is introduced. No Bangladeshi people have been able to earn any income from TikTok till now, working hard as a content creator.So I want some people to express their protest through the effect house, and encourage others to create new effects.

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Hello Effect House Team. Please my country is Ghana. I want creator reward to be available in Ghana because of the high rate of creators and users here. Everyone works hard Day and Night but no one has being able to earn income with the effects created. I strongly believe that if such opportunity is given to Ghana and Africans at large, a lot of people will join the effect house. We, I hope this opportunity is granted. Thank you Effect House.