Effect House Won't submit my Effect. "Missing Fields"?

I for some reason can’t submit my completed effect. I have it all working and sorted, but when I enter all the details, even uploading a demo vid, it keep ssaying “Missing Fields”.

All fields are completed, even the optional ones and challenge ones. I even chose various images from uploading my own, to using the ones provided.

Any reason why this might be happening? I don’t want to miss the starting challenge for submitting right after signing up, so this is pretty annoying.


After trying over and over it only let me submit my effect if I NEVER touch ANY optional field.

So I have to press “submit”, and when the details come up for me to enter, I can’t touch the thumbnail, and I have to ONLY type the name in. Then I go STRAIGHT to the next page and click to submit.

This is the only way it works, if I had pressed ANY optional field, and tried to delete it after, then it would be stuck saying “missing fields”…