TikTok filter rejected due to a technical issue, even though they added an optional demo video for the effect.

Hi, I apologize for bothering, but I have a question. About a week ago, I started learning how to use Effect House and decided to create two filters for a challenge called ‘Spooky Halloween.’ However, both filters were rejected in the review. The reason, according to the feedback I received, was as follows: ‘Your effect “names of my effects” was rejected due to a technical issue on TikTok. Please resubmit your effect with a demo video so that we can review it better.’ I didn’t understand why my filter was rejected due to the demo video since, when publishing it, this option is listed as optional and not mandatory. The first of my effects didn’t have a demo video because it wasn’t a mandatory requirement. However, in the second effect, I added a demo video, but it was rejected for the same reason. This made me miss the challenge deadline because, when resubmitting the filter, I could no longer mark it as submitted for the challenge. Could someone explain to me why the filter was rejected even though it was an optional part? I’d also like to know if I can still participate in the challenge if my effect is accepted after the submission deadline or after a resubmission?


This is a big common problem, I think that the review is partially automated, it is not done entirely by humans.

This keeps happening to me as well. I hope they’d fix it soon cause it’s kinda annoying when we already included the demo video but they rejected it saying we should’ve included a demo video😭


I am having the same problem.
I have been contacting Effect House support for over a month with the response “we are looking into it” and it has never been resolved.
This is a big problem.

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