Effect House 3.7

Effect House v3.7.0 :tshirt:

Effect House 3.7 just arrived in style! You can now add Cloth and Cloth Configuration to create a realistic cloth-like appearance.

3.7 will gradually be rolling out to all users.

New Features

  • Add the Cloth and Cloth Configuration components to create realistic cloth-like objects, such as flags, scarves, and game elements

  • Depth Texture algorithmically estimates the Camera Input Texture’s depth. The resulting grayscale texture predicts a real-world object’s distance from the camera.

  • Two new generative effects: Shocked and Neutral

  • Save select components’ configurations as presets and apply it to other components of the same type


  • Font options have been added to the Text component

To see the full list of new features and updates, check out the release notes.