Caters findings about effect house

THIS IS TO THE WORLD*****SO I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT MAKING EFFECTS FOR A WEEKMADE 800+ EFFECTS,Then found out its the POSTS that matter…JUST BY THE EFFECT OPENING MAKES THEM MONEY BUT AT 200,Hundred Thousand POSTS I WONT EVEN COME CLOSE BUT THEY MAKE BANK THEY THOUGHT THIS OUT Big time. Hey im not complaining Im stating the facts i did on my own study…And Im good some of the EFFECTS are Me Making my own effects out of theirs LOL…So people you can figure out my study, If you are Not only a MASTER CODER that first ya gota figure out there system and THEY ARE Using Bit rate like crazy Maybe you can be the 1 OUT OF 20 that makes money* AND IT CRASHES every EffectI must have 50 CRASH tags…REALLY AGAIN I am just letting everybody know what i found,I will move on letting THE WORLD DECIDE. Lov u all CATER

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I stopped doing effects for tiktok, since yesterday I started with Snapchat’s Lens Studio. As long as the policy of this platform doesn’t change I won’t upload filters anymore and neither will videos, I don’t need the perceived pennies in this platform. The whole system is not good, it is too obvious now.

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good luck hope u do good there