Can I use Javascript code and execution in effect house?

Hello Effect House Community,
I want to use JavaScript to create custom effects in the Effect House.
Can JavaScript code be incorporated into the Effect House script editor? How can I connect the Effect House script library with JavaScript?
I am familiar with JavaScript programming and would like to leverage its capabilities to create unique and dynamic effects in the Effect House.
Therefore, I would appreciate any guidance or resources on how to use JavaScript with the Effect House.
I know you are busy, but I say “thank you in advance” if you have got time to read my question. I am enthusiastic to hear back from you and receive a response.
Best regards,
P.s. Is there any other additional language to use in the effect house? (Java, Python, etc.)

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Same here, i was fiddling with contents of src / ScriptTemplate contents creating Transit By Time Array Node (That would be extremely useful because it reduces the amount of node spaghettit and makes the graph more readable) but EffectHouse fails to preview. I wonder whether it is possible to run effect house from command line with debugging output. Anyone?
so far i get this message if i try to fiddle with stuff ( although i succesfully wrote a script that adds multiple items to MakeArray node - sorry devs but my computer is slow and your effect house is not really optimised for speed thus forcing me to create tools to make it easier for me)

@anon90302466 @sourcecowd Hi! At the moment Effect House only supports node-based scripting. Please feel free to add these requests to the Feature request category.