Written Scripting

Javascript or another written scripting language in my opinion is essential. The visual scripting is such a barrier to the potential of effect house especially since people who’s main talent is coding are hindered greatly, especially by time to create. Takes a whole day to create a script that would normally take like 30 mins max to write. I know I’d be making a ton of games if this was available

We’re waiting for JS scripting from day one of Effect House launch!


Yes please, add text scripting because node-based scripting is slower and makes filters hard to maintain. Also, for commercial projects it stresses deadlines.


Yes, JS please! It’s difficult in terms of the “get”/“set” variables, the if statements, switch only using number…


Python would be good to have!


The visual script tool is nice for many users but useless for anything complex or that involves any logic. Yes with hours of work the visual designer might work but code is the only solution for mortal humans with a life span that is usually less than 100 years.

It is impossible to see what a project does without hours of clicking and jumping around effect house. That requires travel sickness pills to avoid getting dizzy.

The visual designer looks pretty, provides a lot of capability but you won’t easily find where capabilities have been used within the project. It’s impossible to see a structured flow. Too cumbersome to use for anything other than a few small effects.

I’d personally recommend C# as it is more readable than JS and has plenty of built-in functions. It’s also very similar to Java which would make Java devs feel at home. But most importanty C# is used by Unity and other game engines which would allow relatively easy transfer for quite a lot of logic made for games and stuff.

Unity is a good example as they have a node editor that can use scripting