Feature request: Java and/or javascript usage possibility

Dear After Effects team,
I request a feature allowing users to write programs in Java or JavaScript within After Effects and scripts in Node.js. This solution would open up the possibility of creating a wide variety of powerful applications as effects within After Effects.
As a user of After Effects, I am familiar with Java and Java scripting and have found it a valuable tool for automating repetitive tasks and creating custom effects. However, the ability to write programs in Java or JavaScript would greatly expand the creative potential of After Effects.
By providing a way to write programs in these popular languages, users could create more dynamic, interactive, and versatile effects than what is currently possible with Node-related scripts alone. This solution would enable users to push the boundaries of what is possible in After Effects and unlock new levels of creativity.
I would appreciate your considering adding this Java usage possibility to After Effects, and I am excited to see the new opportunities it would bring.
Thanks for your time and care.

Are you sure this is the right forum, as your message is about After Effects, not Effect House? Anyways, I would welcome Javascript node support to Effect House any day. Meaning a node like a Subgraph that could have several inputs and outputs, and contains a small Javascript function that could be edited.

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I’m a fan of Java, but I think javascript would be perfect for that (a big community).

In the visual editor, we just spend too much time doing simple things. My 15y.o. son did some popular effects (>1.3 millions videos) and I try to help him… but we just loose too much time for basic things with the visual editor. We could build “functions” and build some really amazing filters if we have this opportunity!

I have and he has quite some good ideas for gamification of filters.

(You mean “effect house” right?)

Javascript/Typescript will be great! So much easier to make filters with it.

I’m new here. Can anyone help me? thanks

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