Strangest Visual Script bugg i have seen

Hello, i recently noticed a visual scripting variable bugg if you change some settings in a template. Despite of that unfortunaly this bugg has been appear also without using a template.

There isn’t much explaination needed. Just watch the video to see this weird and strange bugg that almost destroyed my game filter. Without the subgraph you can aim higher and everything is alright. With using the subgraph function it isn’t possible to even aim slightly higher then the start positon.

Without changing anything, expect to make from a huge group amount of nodes into a subgraph and then changed back, caused this bugg that affected the whole game. Notice I didn’t change any node.

@Joshua19 A strange issue indeed! I’m looking into this now and will get back to you soon. What version of Effect House are you using?

Hey Mingus, the version of effect house for me is 3.5.1. When i started with this effect the current version back then was 3.4 so over time i needed to update a couple of times so that it wont be bugged.

This game was meant to be used for the best of 2023 challenge, but i am worried that if i use subgraphs on this filter it will affect the game so that it will be unplayable.

So hopefully that this bugg can be solved.