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Hi Everyone, this is my example on how I used subgraphs for an array that I needed for changing skybox textures. I was trying to change the skybox material per tap for a 360 view and couldn’t do it, so I copied an array function and made it so it changes the skybox material. I added the input for shuffle or loop/random. Included in the zip file is a example file to try out and the subgraph here.


This is a Subgraph of a Switch. It’s basically a flip-flop node. When an action is taken it’ll flip the visibility of the objects.


Here’s a subgraph I created for one of my more recent effects. The idea was to show if you would have been drafted, playing off the popular birthday effects.

The subgraph allows me to duplicate these effects with a little more ease now. I named it “Month_Mater.”

High level overview the subgraph pulls from the array of months and days. It checks to see if the date users select is one of the days that would signal if you were drafted. Each image below is a step further into the subgraph.

Image 1 - Shows the return signals…In this case it returns a boolean signal, that will trigger scenes based on True/False. Also shows what the effect looks like

Image 2 - Shows the array of months/days I pull from. I added 1 to each of the numbers so it would offset the array. Instead of “0” storing January. The number “1” will be January, not necessary but it was easier for me to code quickly if I stuck to normal month naming conventions.

Image 3 - Shows the selection of months.

Image 4 - Shows what’s inside each month. Logic checking to see what month and day is selected. If both those are true, the output will return true. Inside the day subgraph in that image is a series of “Or” statements just cycling through the days that would return true.

There’s probably a better way to do these effects like comparing arrays but this was my first thought and I ran with it lol


In this process, I used a subgraph to integrate an emotion detector into a conditional system to control object visibility. I established direct connections between the detected emotions (HAPPY, SAD or NEUTRAL) and the appearance or disappearance of the corresponding object. This allowed the object to be visible when an emotion was active and to disappear when the emotion ended or changed.


I forgot to publish it earlier, but I created a subgraph in my latest game upload (ARKANOID BALL GAME on TikTok). In the game, I included a function to make all objects visible when you lose. During gameplay, all the objects that you destroy become invisible, but this subgraph makes them visible again when the game is reloaded.


This is my subgraph I love it, it allows me to display the day of the week on the screen automatically by detecting it from the device


Hi, I made this subgraph to make a makeup filter that change the makeup according by the number of taps on screen


Hi everyone, here are the latest subgraphs for creating an MBTI Personality Test available in English and Indonesian. You as the user are asked to choose each question on the screen. You will be informed of your MBTI type if you reach the end of the quiz.

My MBTI Type is INTP, what’s yours?


Hola que tal amigos, hoy les quiero mostrar en que estado trabajó desde hace mucho tiempo.

Pero no sabia como hacer algunas cosas pero gracias al curso que nos esta proporcionando Effect House, he podido avanzar en algo y mas que todo a esta clase que son los SUBGRAPH ya que según entiendo es como un tipo de una Función que podemos reutilizar código y nos facilita mucho tiempo en la programación.

Entonces aquí les muestro mi Efecto, que lo nombre: Si parpadeas, pierdes.
espero y les guste, saludos :vulcan_salute:t3:

Y les dejo un link: TikTok - Make Your Day
Para que le den un vistazo, y lo puedan utilizar. :vulcan_salute:t3::sunglasses:

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