All function need callbacks

I want to start the process myself.
Also, I want a callback (Exec) when processing is finished or error.

For example…

・AI Maker
・Face Fusion
Done(when finished)
is Error(when an error)

・User Media Texture
Done(when finished)
number of images

I think it would be nice that every execution has it’s own ID value and then you can get the ID once that function/subgraph has executed. At the moment, I have to just duplicate the subgraph, rather than being able to call it from multiple location.

Actually you don’t need new subgraph, you just need to output your own output from the subgraph, like exec node, or any variable you have in mind and make your rest code according. Also you have to input some object for the subgraph. You can input an array to the subraph and the output node corresponds to the objects in the list and they are all new intances of your subgraph, even it doesnt show it graphically on the screen.