I want a “Function” (Not Subgraph)

For example:
Let’s say you copy a lot of Subgraphs.
And it modify the Subgraph.
All Subgraphs must be modified.

In the case of functions, modifying one makes them all the same.
I like Subgraph too, but I also want Function.

I think it would be nice that every execution has it’s own ID value and then you can get the ID once that function/subgraph has executed. At the moment, I have to just duplicate the subgraph, rather than being able to call it from multiple location. Or as you said, update once and it propogates across everywhere it’s being used.

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I agree. If I have 100 objects with the same behavior, I have to create 100 identical subgraphs. And if I need to fix something, I have to delete everything and duplicate it 100 times again.

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