Any idea how to create HalfScreenFilter?


I have been trying all posible things to create #HalfScreenFilter playing with segmentation, filters
Please share your ideas how to create this, thanks



Maybe try checking out one of the templates in this project? I haven’t yet found the draw mode in 2.2, but the project file still works when imported, it just uses the old image object.


Another idea you could try would be to use a regular 2D image, put it over the area you want, and edit some of the blend modes. It would depend on exactly the look you’re going for, but one of these should work.


In a demo effect called “Half and Half,” you can learn how to apply filters to parts of the screen. You can add a Filter object by clicking the Add button [ +] > Post Effect > Filter in the Hierarchy panel. Then, create a Render Texture by clicking the Add button [ +] > Texture > Render Texture in the Assets panel


Thanks for your answer!

For another explanation attaching this example, it’s not just 2 filters in one effect ( it’s easy to make) , it’s also two different masks as you see

Filter is " two faces"


Ooh okay! that’s pretty cool! I’d suggest messing a bit with render textures if you want to get that kind of look. I started off using the filter four screens template that was in the article in the previous link that I had shared to do a version like this. Can’t seem to be able to share videos through here (or at least I haven’t figured it out yet), so I’m sharing the link to a video of me doing it & attaching the zip file of the finish project through here. Just to let you know though, I haven’t added subtitles to the video, It’s just the process of how I edited the template and switched it up. By the way, you can also just add whatever else to the camera/layer that you want (i.e. 3D objects) and it should also work, just adjust the layers/render textures accordingly. The project file was also done in 2.2, so if you want more 2D screens than there currently are, I think I have a few 2.0 projects that have close to 20 2D objects. So if you need an old 2.0 or older project file version for some reason, just let me know! Or you could just try doing it in 2.0 -, that would probably also work. You probably don’t need that many 2D objects. :joy: Anyways, hope this helps! :smile_cat: :smiley_cat:
Link to Half Screen Filter video (3.0 MB)


You are the best! thank you!!! :blush: