Alternate Simplified Random node

I like the ‘random’ node as is, but I would love an alternate version. Maybe called “Random Integer”
I often use the random node with arrays or similar and don’t need the decimal places. I end up using a floor or round or something to flatten out the number, it’s an extra step.

Alternately, Similar to how you can change a ‘transit by time’ node from a single number to a vec2 or vec3, etc… you could modify the existing random node so the user can choose how many decimal places the output number contains.

It’s a small thing, but one less node is one less node.

Actually, you can use the INDEX GENERATOR node instead. The random node generates a random number every frame and the index generator generatex an integer with an execution, the good part of using index generator is that you can generate random but also shuffle the numbers (no repeat).

Both are useful, but depending of the case I use index generator.