Add Video FaceTracking (DeepFake) Assets or Template

Hey! It would be nice if the development team would add assets or a template to create dipfake-like effects, I don’t know what possibilities there are for this, either through AI or make it so that right in the project you can read from a pre-made PNG Animation the coordinates of the face position (X, Y, Z) and facemesh dimensions, save these dimensions and coordinates, then in the same project insert the coordinates and dimensions of the face to this animation and replace the face with a facemesh with a camera texture. In the end it should work like this - a person opens the effect, presses the record button, looks at the camera, and the animation with his face and facial expressions is played. You can write me back or DM me and I’ll show you how I implemented this in Spark AR if needed. In short, there were 2 projects, in the first one I read the coordinates and dimensions of the face, in the second one I prescribed these coordinates and dimensions and applied them to the animation.