Pet & Plane-Tracking Effect Icon Templates

I wish we had pet models in addition to the current human models in the “Effect Icon Templates” area in Effect House, as this would be very useful for creators who don’t have pets to use for creating the icon.

I also believe that it would be cool if we had a few templates/images of flat surfaces that could be used for creating icons for our plane-tracking effects. Effect Icon templates for body tracking, and maybe even some for hand gestures would also be very useful!

I completely agree with your suggestions! Adding pet models to the ‘Effect Icon Templates’ would be a fantastic addition, especially for creators who don’t have pets to use for their icons. It would add diversity and creativity to the platform.

Moreover, having templates for flat surfaces and icons for plane-tracking effects, as well as templates for body tracking and hand gestures, would greatly enhance the versatility of Effect House. These additions would open up new creative possibilities for users. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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