Wouldn't it be awesome if effects could have post-film reactions?

Okay - here’s a weird idea that probably wouldn’t go anywhere, but wouldn’t it be awesome if effects could have post-film reactions?

Imagine this:
When filming the person gets to choose from a couple different states that only activate if the clip gets a certain number of likes / views. So the effect is a set of armor and a sword, it starts off rusty but at certain milestones the armor gets fancier and shinier, and the sword gets different magical abilities.

The big drawback:
It fundamentally changes how an effect works. It would be a post-effect that is essentially bundled with every video. Instead of being baked into the clip it processes it on every view.

The reasoning:
As we move into a world of wearable devices, effects would have a more active role to play. In the above knight example a group of people could live stream a dance to a song about “night” and people could tap to like the best dancer and that person’s effect would level up. At the end of the stream the dancer with the most likes would be obvious, they would look like a total badass.