Faster approval for effects

i love Effect House and everything about it The only thing that puts me off is the slow approval i think it really lets the platform down would be cool if it could get faster

Hi @4DEE! We aim to review effects within 3 business days. If you have effects that have been in review for longer than that, please reach out to our Support team here.

ok cool do you not think tho it would be cool if the higher level badge you have you got fast approvals as i say i love Effecthouse but the slow approvals really put me off my last ones where the best part of a week
i get you probably get 1000s per day submitted tho but thanks for getting back to me

@4DEE Thanks for sharing! I’ll take the feedback back to the team. Keep the requests coming :grin:

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i have so many ideas lol
haptic feedback would bring the effects to life more i think and give more juice to the interactions
using coins in games would also be a big one I’m currently trying to find a way to make $$$ with effect house coins would be great

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@4DEE These are great! Please make each requests an individual topic in Feature requests :archi_happy:

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