What is the EH visual scripting equivalent of Exponential Smoothing

Hey peeps! I’m currently working on a project where the rotation of a thing follows the rotation of another thing but it feels too rigid and I want it to be a bit more organic.

In this case a I have cube which is a child of the head tracker. I am grabbing the cube’s transform values to rotate another scene object (a sphere).

I would like the sphere to smoothly copy the cubes values with a slight delay and a slower transition than the cube.

How would you achieve this?


Hello Marc, I haven’t found such equivalent subgraph in Effect House. If I want to achieve a smoothing, I use a combination of Transit by time and Lerp nodes. If you need your smoothing to be specifically exponential, you can maybe figure out the maths with the Exp node to adjust your combination


Hopefully this helps. You need to:

  1. Create a variable
  2. Build all the nodes in the screenshot
  3. Smooth!

The key is that you take the variable and set it to some value that’s between the variable value and and current value using the lerp node.


Looks like Eddy and Frazak covered what I was going to say:
“LERP node to get that rubber banding movement”


Thank you so much for the answers all. Super helpful! Sorry for taking so long to reply.


Hello Eddy. I tried using this setup but it just sets the position once. It does not track the object continuously. Why do you think could be the reason?

oh I guess it doesn’t work in the same way with the body avatar drive. Ok I could use it with the head tracker instead. thank you :))