How to simplify this countdown

Hi there, I’m attempting to create a basic 3…2…1…0 countdown effect, followed by smoothly reducing opacity to 0. However, I’m finding it a bit confusing, and I believe I’m overcomplicating a simple task. I’m certain there must be a more straightforward approach. Here i have
Screenshot-2024-02-17-at-18-27-09 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB my current attempt. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards, MrG33k

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Hi @Mr_Geek! Try using a Transit by Time node to control the opacity:


Hi @Mingus thanks, and any better way to do the 3…2…1…?

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@Mr_Geek You could also use an animation sequence. We have Countdown 3-1 available in our Asset Library: