Test Link on Effect House

Hello Effect House Team!

I would like to propose a suggestion to improve the testing experience for testing effects. Currently, testing a QR code involves going through several steps, which can be confusing, especially for clients who are not yet familiar with TikTok.

My suggestion is to implement a test link specifically for effects. By providing a dedicated link for each effect, clients can simply click on it to directly view and test the effect on TikTok. This would reduce the complexity of the process and make it more user-friendly for everyone involved.

In addition to enhancing the experience for clients who are less familiar with the platform, it would also enable creators to easily share their effects with a wider audience, making promotion and testing more efficient.

Considering the growing popularity of TikTok and the diversity of its users, it is crucial to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for everyone. A test link for QR codes would be a valuable feature to achieve this goal.

I am confident that implementing this feature would bring significant benefits to the TikTok community and further enhance the user experience.

Thank you!