Some People cannot find or use my effect

recently I started creating some interactive effects like blind ranking etc. One of them I updated by 2 more categories but for many people from around the world it worked out great. But there were some messages referring to me that even if they are living in the same country as I do, they cannot use the effect due to some regional problems etc. So I asked myself if I can do anything to fix the problem?

sometimes you have to work hard

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yes, I have a problem. But why make money and target achiment

yearly running app and posts and will be task complete. regulary posts

I have the same issue, all my effects are not searchable by name nor findable under any category; also some of them when I try to test them it gives me that effect not dispnible in this region but when using another device it works fine! I filled a ticket for the assistance but still nothing.
I am thinking to stop creating effects till this issue is fixed otherwise there is no point to put all this efforts if users will never find out about the newly created effects!

many people can use them but some cannot
Thats weird

Yes that’s weird and disapointing.