The problem is that the effect cannot be clicked, the description is not available in the region

Sir @Mingus

, I ask you to direct me regarding this problem. I created an effect but when I clicked it said it wasn’t available in your area. what’s wrong? I created that effect. it has some effect. so I can’t promote my effects. I’ve made 290 effects. Feeling confused. I have reported it to the TikTok app. I have also made a complaint form 5 times and it has not been completed for 2 months. yesterday, the badge claim problem was resolved, thank you, sir.

Aku Saya @aldiefek

Help me sir @Mingus I have often reported it in the complaint form but it hasn’t been resolved thx u

How can I increase the effect user while some of the effects I created can’t be clicked, sir @Mingus thx u help me