Randomizer 2D - hide title variation on second tap

I am using the randomizer 2D template.
When tapping or recording, the title will show when re-starting (fading out to show a random sequence)
What if I don’t want to show the title after a user taps at the end of the random sequence (presuming they do not want to re-read the title)? So instead of resetting from the beginning, it only respins the random sequence after a user taps a second time.

I love replying to myself. :crazy_face:
Easy way: set visibility (off), attached to Randomize Finish output.

Using the template can get tricky when you want play around with variants. For example, now have the randomize sequence fade out before starting anew when tapping. The template’s subgraph is quite the spiderweb, and breaking it up can make quickly confusing.

The documentation on the on-line guide is not reflecting the newest verisonof this template by the way.