One of two Randomizers doesn't track a face

Hi, creators!
I am pretty new to effect creation, and need your help!
I am struggling with the results of the effect after the upload.

There are 2 texture sequence animations: one is for randomizer, and another is on loop, for just being on a screen. When editing within the program, everything seems fine, and all the animations follow the face:

But after the upload, one animation is stuck to the screen, so it doesn’t track a face. Here is the link: Dare to ask on TikTok

I will also add pictures and screens.

U see my reaction after the result, so I’ll be very grateful if somebody will help me :smile:. May somebody give a tip on how to fix it? I tried to take a look at visual programming, but I can’t understand what should be connected with what.

The problem appears both: on the latest and older versions!

Kind regards,