Publishing fail 'high impact features' [resolved]

I can’t seem to be able to delete this post so I’ll update here.

The issue was resolved by updating to the latest software build. Publishing seemed to work fine.


I’ve created a simple effect based on fireworks particles on a beach scene with colourful lips.

It seems to have failed publishing because it was using too many generative effects.

I tried removing the lips part but it was still rejected. Then I tried removing the background segmentation however it was still rejected!

Is this correct or something I can fix? @Mingus


Your effect “Love beach fireworks” did not meet the security requirements specified in the Effect Guidelines.
To meet these requirements, try to avoid combining multiple high impact features like generative effects or segmentations. Before you resubmit, check out our technical optimization guide for more info.

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I just got the same rejection this morning. I too am using segmentation in my effect. I wonder if that is causing the issues. Based on the rose petal demo, I feel like it can be done.

The surprise, hahaha

Fingers crossed it’s just a bug in approvals I would assume it’s relatively simple/standard features asides from the new particles function

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What’s your TikTok username by the way? Keen to find your effects and follow :facepunch:

I’m @2ndtsilent (The second ‘T’ in my name is silent. It’s silly). I searched your forum username, but none of the accounts that came up were effect creators.

Awesome I’m following! Mine’s @isitmidnight but my effect-creation talents are developing! Will be making new effects and hopefully up my game soon!

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