Generative Effects

Can Generative Effects and VFX be combined?
I was going to see if I can use the Spiral Petals templet with Generative Effect and none of the Generative Effects are working. I used the Eye Brow eraser and tried it with the others and had the same results. I’m unclear if this is a bug or if VFX and Generative cannot be mixed.

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@Nicole_M Sorry for the late reply.
I think the reason you are not seeing the Generative Effect is due to the segmentation layer. Note: Generative effects take a lot of resources, so optimize where you can.

  1. Create a render texture asset

  2. Replace the render texture on the GAN Camera with the new render texture

  3. Change the segmentation material to use the render texture instead of the camera input.

I hope that solves your issue. :smiley: