Performance issue

My pc is an Intel i5-13400, 32gb DDR5 6000mhz. And after just a few minutes using Effect House the program becomes so slow that it almost crashes. With each update Effect House gets slower and slower. Soon a NASA PC will be needed to run the program. Please improve the performance of the software before adding more features.

I agree, especially in recent days undo (CNTRL+Z) stops working after a while.
I hope a nice update for pormans issues will come soon.

I’ve reached that point, no response. I Prefer Version 4.00 Sir @Mingus

wait youre the crazy parking effects guy, right?? and you made them all with this heavy lag :sob: i shiver at the thought of anything 3D or more than 4 cameras / 10 layers cus EH gets lag stuck literally every 3 frames

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It’s tough now to get anything working. My best practices are: as soon as you can break down your logic into subgraphs and work from there.

Also you could set a boolean variable at the beginning of your logic and only when it is true EH may execute the rest of the logic. It saves endless of unnecessary cycles. Also disabling the camera helps a bit.

I cant even get a blank project working efficiently. Great tips, just wish i could use them.

I saw complaints about performance from a really long time ago, so my hopes are low its addressed :confused: hopefully…

If you try to add nodes is the search also super slow?

Everything is slow in the effect house. Even with a good PC.