Partner program or creator reward


This is more like a curiosity more then a question, so for the reward system to be able to get paid to make effect you need to reach at least the gold badge in short

Is there a different way to access that program? is not impossible but is pretty hard if you don’t become viral, I am asking because in my profile I am marked as a “top 5% of effect creators” but none of my effect have more then 300 post, it make me think that i am contributing positively to the app, but with little to no rewards since i have not reached the 1k mark per 3 videos

Is there anyone i can contact about it or is just how it is for everyone?


Cash rewards are received from effects from 5 thousand videos (if we are talking about competitions) and from 200 thousand videos (if we are talking about monetization). Therefore, you will still have to first set goals for getting 1000 videos, then 5, then 100 and so on :slight_smile:

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yes i understand that…but that was not my main question, i was more focus on the part where my account said that i am in the top 5 percent of creators but i am getting nothing for it other then the message on my profile

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You can only earn for competitions and viral videos, tiktok does not give anything for the top% of creators and more.

If you want to receive something, then you just need to analyze the statistics of effects and create an effect that will go viral.

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I see…well i guess i will just pay attentions to the trend and see what i can do

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I’m in the same situation, and I really hope my effect level gets to gold, but it seems very hard. Especially because, idk about everyone else, but 1/2 the time my effects turn out differently than I imagined. :sweat_smile: