'One Person Quiz' templates stringed together assets overlapping

I’m attempting to create multiple rounds using the One Person Quiz template; however, upon completion of the first round, ’ round 3’ and’ round 2’ will appear overlapped upon one another, or at times, nothing will appear, and the next round will load after the 5-second time elapses. Imagine the one-person quiz template linked to the next upon achieving 4 or 5 correct answers (≥80%) with a timer node between.

In addition, whenever I try to have round 5 finish(the final round) in a manner similar to how the original template was made, it shuts down the game when the first round is completed.

My assets are hidden upon initial game loading under the ‘Begin Game Setup Logic’ along with the templates assets, and theoretically, the asset with the round #, for example, ‘round 2,’ is loaded upon successful completion of the prior round, before being set to non-visible upon re-implementation of the game in round 2.

Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated! Thanks!