ONE PERSON QUIZ: How can I set the effect to show questions only once?

I need to use this filter for 60-sec video (setting timer to 50-sec)

The timer is set but once all the questions are answered before 50-sec, it repeats all the questions till 50-sec timer reached however it should stop that timer if all questions are answered before 50-sec and show the score.

I was about to answer and noticed that someone has already answered this in the discord at the link you provided :+1:, let me know if that works for you

hey i have the same issues how to fix it? i can’t open the discord link

You can add a variable in the items, I named in “AnsweredQuestions”

And you can copy the additional visual scripting here. Let us know if you have any questions!

Can you provide step-by-step instructions or any reference video if available, pls recommend…
Still learning EH