Is EffectHouse trying to access far more on our systems than we suspect (or it needs)

I just tried to download and install version 3.4.1 and BitDefender flagged and quarantined so many of the files I was shocked. Debating if it is worth doing a workaround/exceptions or if TikTok really is just overreaching in what they want to access in our systems through their software. I enjoyed using the previous version I had but I am not sure if the new one is worth the risk.

And before moderators try to delay coming up with a real response to this problem which has previously been flagged elsewhere in this community in the past, It is on a PC using Windows 11 running BitDefender antivirus and security software. You can test it in your own sandbox. Your code should not be setting off all these red flags in security software and if you can’t fix the problem you need to tell us what your software is trying to do and access that is triggering antivirus software.


I’ve had this problem several times with older versions. Something anomalous certainly exists, problems had come out regarding potential malware in the app. This issue doesn’t occur with similar apps like Snap chat’s Lens studio and Meta’s Spark studio.

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