I have problem with my tiktok effect house app on laptop

Hi just need help at first i download effect house i made first filter and in morning i try to open but it doesnt work in one word it doesnt open can someone help me

Hi @Ervin_Rizaj! Have you tried deleting it and downloading it again from our website?

Yes i did but again it doesnt open

Are you using Mac or Windows?

I use Windows this is laptop

You can try clearing your Local folder:

Quit Effect House
Go to your “Local” folder (in “AppData”)
Delete the folder named “EffectHouse”
Open Effect House
Log in again

Hello, the same thing happened to me, but I solved it by uninstalling the anti virus app,I never needed it :slight_smile: After that restart the laptop

HI @Mingus I try that and nothing but there is something looks like shield blue and yellow on the effct house logo I dont know what it dose mean that

@Ervin_Rizaj It sounds like the issue may be specific to your computer. You can also ensure that your computer meets the minimum required specs by checking here.