Effect House Can't open

After I installed Effect House, I clicked to open it, but there was no reaction. No landing page or operation interface of Effect House was displayed. My comput

if you use windows 10/11, it may happen that some Effect House files are mistaken for viruses, check the history to see if windows security has blocked anything. I had a similar problem and solved it by unlocking files locked by the antivirus.

i’ve looked in windows security and nothing was blocked, i also added effect house as an exclusion and reinstalled and still no luck

It is a bug, if you uninstall the app and install it again it will start working!

today I have the same problem

anybody can help me. give some advice.

I was reinstall but still not responding

At least for me ( because I have normal, not high end laptop, you know the laptop that runs blender 3.6 without any hiccup but cannot run effect house without two second delay between typed letters) effect house lags terribly anyway

At least for me it was the that every time when I open effect house I need to wait for some 5 minutes. Nothing will happen nothing will open nothing will notify you that something is happening in the background but after those approximately five minutes suddenly tiktok effect house appears out of nowhere.

The recommendation is:
maybe leave laptop or computer for a few minutes and then have a look back if Effect House opened