Assets library doesnt load

I went away for 2 weeks to Cuba where I had no access to TikTok. Since I came back, I havent’ been able to access the assets library. I sent a ticket yesterday, but have not received a response. I cleared my cache in Microsoft Edge, but it still doesnt load. I updated the effect house version, and still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong or how I could fix it ? This is a real Debbie Downer in all honesty. I just reached GOLD and can’t participate in the rewards programs.

please check your internet connection @FabSkuyFX

You are one of those people who diligently provide solutions . greetings bro

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Hi @FabSkuyFX! You can also try deleting your AppData folder to reset Effect House. To do so on Windows:

  • Quit Effect House
  • Go to your “Local” folder (in “AppData”)
  • Delete the folder named “EffectHouse”
  • Open Effect House
  • Log in again

Note that this will remove any custom changes you’ve made to Effect House

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