How to duplicate objects and code

I have a project to do and the codes are repetitive for each image, but it’s getting slow and heavy the code because I created several images with the same code, is there any way to do this in a different way? There are still 40 images left to be created with the same code

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It would depend on exactly what you’re doing with the images and how you’ve coded them, but from the sound of it, I’m almost sure there’s an easier way! First, have you tried using CTRL + D for duplicating your code?

If you are already using CTRL + D (or the equivalent of it on Mac) to duplicate your code and you’re referring to just the repetitiveness of replacing each object’s properties, then have you by chance tried out the Get By Component and Set Component nodes?

One other suggestion, for the slowness of it, is to also try separating your code into more subgraphs (if you haven’t already!). When the code is separated into more subgraphs, it seems to run a bit better. :smiley_cat: hope this helps a bit!


But do you know any way to duplicate the codes without crashing the computer? I think temporarily removing the preview screen should do the trick, I just don’t know how to do that

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Screenshot 2023-09-05 001209
try clicking on the preview button (the one circled in red) to dock and undock the preview panel!

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