Help with script - 3d movement


I’m not the best with VS. Can somebody help me please and break down in simple terms how I would create a script for the following scenarios:

1.) To make it look like my 3d image is slowly moving randomly around the screen?

2.) I also have another project I’m working on where I have two 3d objects I want to move with mouth open. Left side would move to the left and return to its original place and right would move to the right and return to its original place.

Thank you :slight_smile:



Hi @Nicole_M!

I can help with your first question, and maybe it’ll help you figure out the solution to your second problem too since they’re pretty similar :slight_smile:

You’ll need two variables: the previous position, the target position. Here’s the logic:

  1. Select a random target location within the bounds of your screen and store that in a variable
  2. Move your image from the ‘previous position’ to your ‘target position’.
  3. Once you’ve reached the target position, save the target as your ‘previous position’
  4. Loop

Basically you’re moving your 3D image from point A to point B. Then point B becomes the new point A, and point B is set to a new random location.

You’ll also need a transit by time node which lets you blend between two values over time. There are ways to make it so it moves at a constant speed between two points but we can save that for later :smiley:

Hopefully that helps!



Thank you for the fast response and easy to follow instructions!

I’ll give it a try now :slight_smile: :grinning: