The best way to optimize/minimize a lot of collision detection

Hi there,

I made an effect that needs a lot of collision detection between 1 3D plane (let’s call planeA) and 37 3D plane (let’s call planeB), the first option that I made is to create 1 collision subgraph and then duplicate it for 37 times, and look like this (actually the image only sho 15, cause I want to test it first before I try into 37 collision detection subgraph)

OKAY, this works fine, but but but, the problem is the FRAME RATE, yesss, FRAME RATE. I’ve sent feedback before to the tech team and they said my effect only gets 3 frames per second, that s*ck, with 15 subgraphs you get 3 FPS, how about 37? 0 FPS?

Well, my question is, is there the best way to minimize or optimize this kind of algorithm? Thanks

btw, if you want the subgraph, you can check EH discord, i share it there on resource and tutorial section

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tbh, I’ll be happier if EH adds javascript/typescript support to the app

hello I can not find the subgraph for the detection of collisions

You can find it under the #tutorials and resources channel of our Discord