Effect crashes on opening in TikTok

Hello community,

I have this issue where effects I made crash when opening testing them through the QR-code on TikTok. At first I thought the issue was with the testlink, and I published an effect to investigate. The published effect also crashes on opening it. Strangely, it does so about 70% of the time.

I still have to completely rebuild the effect to see if this solves the matter, but before I do I wanted to ask here if anybody else has encoutered this behaviour and if this was connected to the VFX or if it’s a general bug or corruption in my file. Let me know if you recognize this, I will update once I have rebuild.

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Sorry to hear you are faces some techincal issues. @Gijs_Wahl

I sent you a direct message in case you need any assistance debugging your project.


Thank you! I will if I can’t pinpoint it myself!

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effect crashes on opening in tiktok ,
have you managed?
my account been stagnant with followers

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