Dynamic before and after effect - Assistance

Hi there,

I am trying to create an effect that has a before and after slider. Since I cant upload an image, think of those classic teeth whitening adverts that have a line down the persons face showing the before on the left and the after on the right

The general use case would be to allow users to see what they look like with and without a certain product applied to them by manipulating a left and right panning panel (use can move before and after line with their finger)

I have created the effect layer, the camera layer and the panning panel, but I’m not winning with revealing only a section of a layer based on the panning panel (If that makes sense)

I’m fairly new to Effects House, coming from other platforms, so please let me know if I’m on the wrong horse completely here

I appreciate the help

Is something like Draw Mode what you’re looking for?

I think it might just be, I’ll give it a go

Thanks for the reply, appreciated!

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