Cannot post as 'effect' using Stylizing with AI


Having learned in Accelerator Program, I tried to create an effect using ‘Stylizing with AI’, but it doesn’t get to any option to post it as an ‘effect’ - what’s getting generated is just the recorded video. I tried posting the same to check if it gets displayed under my effects afterwards but it didn’t.

I need support with this please.

Thank you.


Hi @anon53526154! Are you using Effect House or the TikTok app to create your effect?

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I had the same thing today, i did not get the filter button after i uploaded mine. Would like to know why and what the problem is.

@OneToothPirate Were you using the app to create the effect?

Yes. AI feature is working from day before yesterday. Thank you.

@anon53526154 @OneToothPirate You need to post the video using your Stylize by AI effect in order for the effect to be published

I still cant use the ai stylize over almost a month now, i made several new ones but nothing: not my own ai stylize button. Please lemme know how tp fix this, cuz a lot of people use my ai before and til now but i want to make new ones,
Please reply i miss making them and so do my followers
One_Tooth_Pirate aka Feddar

Btw i made my newest ones with the ai stylize filter of tiktok for always so i am confused

Hi @OneToothPirate! Are you not able to see Stylize with AI in the Create tab?